Free Download Update Mozilla Firefox 3.6.2

After Germany urged its citizens to not use Firefox, Mozilla browsers such as the creator announced updates Firefox to patch up weaknesses. Mozilla Firefox 3.6.2 can be downloaded almost a week earlier than previously scheduled, in order to patch up weaknesses version 3.6. This week, the German government warned Internet users in the country to be careful in surfing the internet using Firefox. The reason, Firefox has a safety defect that can be utilized hackers. Mozilla Firefox Version 3.6 update should be rolled late March. But from now on, users can download it at the Mozilla website. Previously the Federal Office for Information Security in Germany have also called for the user's browser is not using Internet Explorer. To that end, Mozilla immediate action to avoid a wider criticism like that of Microsoft.

"Firefox 3.6.2 release includes defect fillings as announced Germany some time ago. We recommend that you immediately upgrade your Firefox browser to the latest version," said Mozilla spokesman.

Here to get updates Firefox 3.6.2 in mozilla website:

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