Google Chrome Safest browser on the World

Among the web browser available today, only a Google Chrome that can not be penetrated by hackers in the contest arena Pwn2Own in CanSecWest conference in Vancouver, USA. Other browsers successfully penetrated, starting from Firefox 3.6, Safari, until Internet Explorer 8. Charlie Miller of Independent Security Evaluators managed to penetrate the security system of the Safari browser on the MacBook and take over the operating system OS X. Miller had been known as a reliable security researchers into artificial systems, and this success Apple won the same competition for the third time.

Another security researcher, Peter Vreugdenhill, managed to penetrate the fortress of Internet Explorer 8 by way of bypass on the function of the data execution prevention (DEP) and the layout of address space randomization (ASLR). Meanwhile, a critical weakness in Firefox 3.6.2 called Nils hackers penetrated from MWR Info Security UK. Even so, the weakness IE8 and Firefox can not penetrate if the browser is running on the Windows 7 Protected Mode sandbox feature. How techniques and how to penetrate the security of the leading browsers were not disclosed in this event. The contestants were forbidden to vendors who can provide the cement to provide (patch) to prevent the attack from the irresponsible.
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