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Disneyland Vacation Packages Deals For All Sized Families

Going on a vacation to Disneyland is always a win-win situation, especially for families. Children get to live a dream - being with all Disney characters and seeing them in action will always be somewhat a part of every child's fantasy. On the other hand, Disneyland also has amenities that adults can enjoy. It is no wonder that Disneyland is one of the most, if not the most popular vacation destinations for families.

Now that you've found an ideal situation, the nest step would be to plan the vacation that the whole family would enjoy. Taking advantage of a vacation package not only lessens that hassle of booking for separate vacation essentials one by one - hotel, flight, transportation, attractions, and more; vacation packages are also known to be very budget-friendly. So, to save time, effort, and money, a vacation package is the best way to go. Thanks to the destination's popularity, Disneyland vacation packages are actually readily available with travel agents .You must consult first with an experienced Disneyland travel specialist so that you won't get the raw end of the deal.

Booking policies and fees are important information for the vacation goer. No matter how affordable Disneyland vacation packages are, if you get billed exorbitant processing and booking fees, you might end up not saving at all. It is your right as the customer to be disclosed of what fees and extra costs you will incur from a travel agent or travel website for you to budget your finances properly and weigh which options will give you extra money to enjoy your vacation more.

Disneyland Vacation Packages

It seems like you have decided on a vacation spot for you and your family. Disneyland it is. You will find that after searching on the Internet that many times the discount Disneyland vacation packages are the best deal. You can probably get the best value with a vacation package. You will find that many of these packages can be booked through the Internet at Some people, however, find this method to be clunky and confusing. You must also take your time and dig around on the various sites to see what restrictions and cancellation fees are, etc.

Discount Disneyland Vacation Packages
It seems like you have decided on a vacation spot for you and your family. Disneyland it is. You will find that after searching on the Internet that many times the discount Disneyland vacation packages are the best deal. You can probably get the best value with a vacation package. You will find that many of these packages can be booked through the Internet. Some people, however, find this method to be clunky and confusing. You must also take your time and dig around on the various sites to see what restrictions and cancellation fees are, etc.

If you plan to spend your money on one of the many discount Disneyland vacation packages, then it would be strongly recommended that you use a travel agent who is specializing in Disney travel. It certainly doesn't cost you anything and you will be able to sit back, relax, and let someone else shoulder the burden of finding a Disneyland vacation package that will suit your needs.

"5 Nights for the Price of 3"
If you plan to stay at one of the resorts from April 1 through September 26, 2009, you will get 2 extra nights at the hotel and 2 extra days of admission to the Theme Park free when you buy 3-nights or longer of a Resort vacation package.

You will get the following with each package:
o 5 nights of accommodations
o A souvenir ticket of a 5-day Resort Park Hopper at California Dreams
o Mickey's Toontown Morning Madness - You will be able to enjoy lots of fun and games with Mickey Mouse and his friends an hour before Toontown is open to the public
o You will also get a fun card to Downtown Disney District - This will add a boatload of fun to your dining, shopping and entertainment experiences that has special offers (one per person)
o Sometimes you will get preferred seating - This will be available at select attractions when you visit California Adventure

When you make the purchase of not only a 3-night package with a 3-day Park Hopper, you will get two consecutive free nights at a participating hotel. You will also get 2 free days for touring and having loads of fun. The souvenir tickets for the Resort Park Hopper will expire thirteen days after you use them on the first day or October 13, 2009, whichever comes first. Each day that you use the ticket will constitute one full day of use. You must not sell the tickets or transfer them for commercial purposes. Offers for discount Disneyland vacation packages are subject to availability and to blockout dates; advanced registration is required. This package is not valid with any other promotion or discount. This offer is subject to restrictions as well as change without notice. This is really a deal that can't be beat! Your whole family will regard you as a hero when they find out you are taking them to Disneyland. Happy vacationing!

Rare Cancer Guide - A Concise Summary

A cancer is considered rare if it is diagnosed in less than 15 people per 100,000 each year. This comes out to a total of about 40,000 cases per year in the US. For example, ovarian cancer occurs in about 21,000 women each year, which means it is classified as rare. Most rare forms of cancer in adults are grouped together in a larger classification. For example, leukemia is a general classification of several rare types of cancers that occur in the blood.

The common cancers such as lung, breast, prostate, and colon cancer attract much more attention and get much more research funding than the rare types of cancer. Of course this makes sense because so many more people are affected by the common cancers. However, the common cancers may be caused by many different factors - only one of which may be a genetic predisposition. Many of the rare forms of cancer can't be easily linked to environmental and other factors. Rare cancer research may be able to help scientists unlock the genetic codes which explain how humans get cancer.

Getting Clinical Care For Patients With A Rare Cancer
The problem with a rare form of cancer is finding a physician who is familiar with its diagnosis and treatment. Because these cancers don't happen as much as the common cancers, most physicians don't have experience in diagnosing and treating these cancers. In order to get appropriate treatment for a rare form of cancer, you may have to continually ask your oncologist for answers. You may have to learn how to do the research yourself and even travel to see other doctors who specialize in an area of research similar to your cancer. Don't be surprised if the medical advice you get seems conflicting. Because these cancers are rare and the research may be limited, the science behind the treatments may vary widely.

Don't worry about offending your doctor by asking for a second opinion. Remember these cancers are rare, and most physicians will have little experience in dealing with them. It is OK to ask for a second opinion. Some insurance companies may even require a second opinion in the diagnosis of a rare cancer. Seek a referral to a nearby "major" cancer treatment center because this will increase your chances of consulting with a specialist who is more familiar with your cancer type. Major cancer treatment centers are usually located in large metropolitan cities. You can usually find out more about these centers by researching online. Take copies of your medical records with you and bring someone along to help you take notes of the your conversations. You don't want to miss any important details! Get someone you know that is skilled in Internet research to help you out with your online research studies.

How To Find Support For Rare Cancer Patients
Many people diagnosed with a rare cancer often feel alienated and alone because there are so few people who share their same condition. It is difficult to find others who can relate emotionally to these people. Most cancer patients find some sort of consolation in discussing their condition with others who have the same condition. Rare cancer patients have a difficult time finding others who have the same condition. In these cases, cancer patients may be able to find a sense of community through online means such as support groups and cancer forums or blogs. Enlist the help of someone who is skilled in Internet research to find these support groups and show you how to interact with them online. Rare forms of cancer may actually be easier to treat because they may have a single molecular genetic flaw that is common to them. However, the difficulty lies in detecting these rare cancers early, properly diagnosing the rare cancer and then seeking the appropriate treatment. Because the cancer is rare, it may be difficult to move through these phases quickly enough.

Consider a Clinical Trial
When cancers grow in spite of treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery, it may be time to consider other alternatives such as clinical trials. Cancer treatments must go through clinical trials before they are approved for use with the general population. You can choose to be a clinical trial patient and help advance cancer research to find a cure. If you choose to become a clinical trial patient you will have to sign waivers for risk. Weigh the risks carefully!

Get Insurance Guidance
Rare cancer patients often face insurance hurdles. Ask about insurance issues when you visit your oncologist. Some insurance plans require pre-approval before they will pay for a treatment of a rare cancer. Without such pre-approval you and your family may be stuck with a huge financial burden as well as the burden of care.

Keep careful records of all interactions with your insurance company. Document the time, date, the representative(s) you spoke with and the results of the conversation. Request for written approvals and do as much communicating as you can in writing instead of verbally. Make audio or video recordings of your conversations (ask for permission first!) with insurance representatives.

If you can't afford treatments there may be patient assistance programs that can help you. These programs are often referred to as "compassionate care" programs. Ask about these with your oncologist. Be persistent and firm and don't give up!

Liver Cancer Survival Rates

Liver cancer survival rates indicate the chances a cancer patient has of surviving the disease for a specified length of time. The rates are by no means a definite indicator of what will happen to a patient; they can at best predict a patient's chances of what might happen to him, if a type of treatment plan is opted for, based on what has happened to other patients in similar circumstances. They serve as a guide to a patient and his family to know what they can expect if they choose a particular type of treatment or if they should consider one at all rather than just opt for pain relievers and sedation.

The liver is the largest gland in the body that performs the many vital functions of storing vitamins and nutrients, producing proteins that are required for blood clotting, creating bile required for digestion and of breaking down and filtering toxins from blood. There are two types of liver cancer; primary liver cancer which begins in the liver tissue itself and metastasized liver cancer which is a secondary liver cancer that originates in the other parts of the body and then spreads to the liver. cancer cells can travel easily to the liver because of its function in filtering blood. It most commonly spread from the colon, breast, pancreas, stomach or lungs.

As with all other types of cancers, survival rates are heavily dependent on the stage at which the disease is diagnosed. This also determines the treatment options that can be opted for. Some doctor use the TNM classification method, in which T refers to the size of the tumor which can vary from T1 to T4, N indicates if the disease has spread to the lymph nodes and M indicates if it has spread to the other organs.

Some prefer to stage the disease into
a) localized resectable- if the tumor is contained in one spot (T1-T2),
b) localized unresectable - where the tumor is contained in one spot but can't be removed,
c) advanced - if it has spread through the liver and elsewhere,
d) recurrent - if the cancer has returned after treatment.

There are 3 forms of treatment, surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy used singly or in combination depending on the stage of the disease and the prognosis. Liver cancer survival rates are rather low because the disease can go undetected for sometime before any indications surface. The average age of diagnosis is 60 and more than half of patients are men. The overall worldwide liver cancer survival rates indicate that only 7% of liver Cancer patients reach the 5 year survival mark after diagnosis. In cases where the cancer can be surgically removed, 75% will survive for 1 year, 50% for 3 years and 30% for 5 years.

Liver cancer survival rates are high in cases of primary cancer where a liver transplant is possible to as much as 75% for 5 years. Liver transplants for metastatic cases have a zero survival rate as it is only a matter of time before the cancer spreads to the new organ. Complete surgical resection at a stage when the tumor is completely resectable gives patients an even higher survival rate than a transplant; however, the number of cases when this is possible is very limited.

The only way to improve the survival rates for liver cancer is by understanding the risk factors which might make it easier for the disease to be diagnosed at an early stage. This means that high risk candidates must have regular ultra sounds and blood tests to check the liver enzyme level which will indicate if the liver is functioning at optimum level or not.

Lowongan Kerja Torishima Guna Engineering

Informasi Lowongan Kerja Torishima Guna Engineering. Torishima Guna Engineering is an Indonesian joint venture between Torishima Pump Mfg. Co. Ltd. of Japan and Guna Elektro of Indonesia. Established in 1984 as Pumps Manufacturer, currently we are expanding our businesses to serve the oil & gas, power generation and infrastructure markets.

Please log on to to learn more about our company profile. In order to support our operations, we are currently looking for candidates who search for long term career and have strong commitment to growth together with the company.

Project Management Chief
  • Bachelor Degree in Engineering from reputable universities, Master degree will be an advantage.
  • Able to manage multiple projects, leading the team and hands on experience in project management.
  • Strong experience in project management and project cost control.
  • At least 10 years related experience especially in PMT.
Project Engineer – EPC Infrastructure
  • Bachelor Degree in Engineering from reputable universities.
  • Good knowledge in infrastructure projects and infrastructure player in Indonesia.
  • Hands on experience with pumping station and water works projects including equipments, project management, cost and quality control and technical drawing interpretations.
  • Previous experience as Project Engineer in Infrastructure projects at least 8 years.
Project Engineer – Rotating Equipment
  • Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering.
  • Good knowledge and hands on experience with rotating equipment.
  • Willing to travel to the project sites frequently.
  • Previous experience as Rotating Equipment Engineer.
  • Must have experience in Oil & Gas and related projects or heavy machineries.
  • Minimum 8 years working experience with rotating equipments or heavy machineries.
Project Engineer – EPC Power
  • Bachelor Degree in Engineering from reputable universities.
  • Good knowledge in Indonesia Power Generation projects and market.
  • Familiar with major equipment and working environment of Power Generation projects.
  • Experience on project management, cost and quality control and technical drawing interpretations.
  • Previous experience as Project Engineer in Power Generation projects.
  • A minimum 7 years total working experience in related industries/projects.
Finance Staff
  • Bachelor Degree in Accounting from reputable universities.
  • Fresh graduate, no experience required.
  • Preference will be given to candidates who live in West Jakarta.
  • Immediately available.
Research & Development Engineer
  • Fresh Graduate, Bachelor Degree in Engineering from reputable universities with minimum GPA 3.00, Master Degree preferred.
  • Strong interest in Research & Development.
  • Good knowledge in Pump Technology and API.
CNC Operator
  • STM Tehnik Mesin Perkakas.
  • Minimum 1 years experience as CNC Operator.
  • Between 20 to 25 years old.
  • Willing to work in East Jakarta.
  • Immediately available.
  • Bachelor or Diploma Degree in Engineering.
  • Previous experience as Estimator in Oil & Gas projects or Pump and related projects.
  • Good knowledge in Oil & Gas service and rotating equipments.
  • Minimum 5 years experience as Estimator.
Field Engineer – Turbine Specialist
  • Diploma or Bachelor Degree in Engineering from reputable universities.
  • Good knowledge in Turbine business, technology and its terminology, design philosophy of Turbine parts and related equipments.
  • Hands on experience of Turbine maintenance, trouble shooting and operations including major overhaul, minor and deep inspection.
  • Willing to travel to the project sites frequently.
  • Minimum 7 years experience dealing with Turbines.
Sales Engineer
  • Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering from reputable universities.
  • Good knowledge about pumps and its application.
  • Experience in biding/tender process will be a good advantage.
  • Experience in sales & marketing minimum 2 years.
  • Good communication & presentation skills.
  • Willing to be place in Jakarta or Surabaya.
So.., if you love challenge and ready to change please send your CV to:
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