Mozilla It took a month for Fix Browser Firefox

Mozilla It took a month for Fix Browser Firefox A few days before the contest hacking of internet browser security holes began, hastily Mozilla Firefox browser to patch them. According to Mozilla, Firefox 3.6.2 is presented to improve the security gap around decompression fonts that can be exploited to disrupt the user's browser and then run some code on the system. Prior to this, Mozilla continued to be under pressure to fix bugs found after the previous month by Legerov Evgeny, a Russian security researcher. He included a bug in Firefox on hacking tool called VulnDisco sold as an add-on to Canvas, penetration testing tool software.

The team of Mozilla itself not expected to bring improvements next week. However, they speed up to avoid code fillings made Legerov misused. However, Mozilla the gap was only in Firefox 3.6, not on the previous browser. As announced security hole in Firefox it, Legerov stated that the problem affects Firefox running on Windows XP and Vista. The problem is mentioned there on how to implement the Mozilla web-based font standard called Web Open Font Format.

Improvements that were presented are outstanding as Mozilla hackers are preparing to compete in a three-day contest at CanSecWest security conference, in Vancouver, Canada. There, participants will try to go to the laptop through the security hole they have found the Firefox browser, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Chrome. The winner will take home a laptop that had them through, as well as cash for 10 thousand U.S. dollars.
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