What Is Time management ???

There are 'waste' of time that can be identified. Time management so that the process is running well, it is important to know what aspects of the management of our personality that need to be developed. Below are the reasons often cited because it reduces the effectiveness in the workplace. We call this the 'time thief'.

1. Interruptions from phone calls
2. Interruption of guests personal
3. Meetings
4. Tasks that should be delegated
5. Delays and decisions which can not be decided
6. Act without complete information
7. Crisis management

8. Communication is not clear.
9. Technical knowledge that is not appropriate
10. Goals and priorities are not clear
11. Poor planning
12. Stress and tired
13. Not able to say''No''

Fortunately, there are strategies to manage your time. Ie, do a lot more control and reduce stress. However, analysis of the time you try and see how the causes of and solutions to overcome the problems of your time together.
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