Become investors, the money work for us.

Become employees (employee), your own business (self-employed), a businessman (Bussines owner), and at the same time as the investor, it could indeed become our job. for example, a doctor. than he already was a civil servant or as an employee, at the time he practices at home or in the practice, then the doctor is already manage their own businesses. Well, if, that doctors have a laboratory or clinic, he as the withdrawal employers. Whereas, if he buy the assets in the form of real estate or home, or buy shares, or sirkah participate, the doctors as investors, or investors. But clearly, if we want to get the property or assets for the future, I think, more fit or match if we can be a businessman or investor. Usually, if we have become entrepreneurs, it is not difficult to become investors.

If we as employees, we work for others. while, if we manage your own business, we work for ourselves, so that when we leave will not necessarily be money. Because what? That's because, with the business to manage our own work are not yet using the system. So, without our direct involvement in the business, the business does not walk. If we as employers, the people working for us. That is, we already use the system. Say, if we are as a businessman or vacation leave a year, even though the time is quite long, the business is still a way. In fact, not close the possibility of our business is more advanced. And, I often see, that those who now have become entrepreneurs, as well as can also investors. If we as a small businessman from which all the small to the great urus our own, the way we holiday, holiday money also.

If we as employees in companies that provide large salary, and we can save money, then after retirement can be the investor. If we as employees with the hand to mouth, it can start with a business or a small business or manage their own business that is still small. Therefore, I think this position now if we as employees, then we should work hard, how can have their own businesses. Once a business that way, then how do we try to develop the system, where we become big business. Until finally we can be a businessman. And, after that it is not impossible, and if we can become investors. Become investors means money work for us. So, if we want to rich, we should not just be employees or just have a small business, should we have to dare to become entrepreneurs or investors, even to go to the there is not an easy thing. Some challenges we must face. But believe, we have the entrepreneur spirit, so investors will be a dream come true.
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