the value of a trust

Spirituality is very important. Feel so important, especially when we already are in a situation not be trusted. At the time that we truly feel that trust is not easily obtainable. I remember the story of a friend who were trapped in a situation where he made a mistake, doubt, and then does not know from where it must restore trust in colleagues. Seems applicable law: "Once a phony to the test, a lifetime for people not to believe." From experience we know what faith is. However, develop, and add is hard to described. Believe will increase the sense of commitment, maintaining the spirit and performance without the need to control and monitor strict. In organizations where a strong sense of mutual trust, the contribution to be scanty and energy, because it is at least the effort of communication. Individuals who trust each other more easily find a "wave" is the same. I remember the experience debate see 3 members of the "board of director" a company, which colored the arguments pitched anger, almost as if going to war. However, in the end, they give each other and then agreed, as well as the 3 brothers. Comment me, "this only happens on the individuals who trust each other."

Sense of trust in the organization was not only superior to the subordinate's time. many examples in the environment that we can not describe the subordinate supervisors. For instance, doubt whether the pro-boss "thin ear," always berespons of reports without first, or will be "fair" or not when someone gave him criticism. Doubt this is the kind of attitude, which then lead to "yes, man", (advance search), or take a distance that eventually make the organization to move, because the more communication is not open. By not development of confidence in the organization, the organization can grow without a strong bond of union except eyes as the wages and facilities. Organizations such as these also lost the opportunity to deliver a new leader because the individual's commitment to develop a difficult business. Can not be trusted with the same honesty. Look, how many honest people that remain difficult to win the confidence of others. We need to maintain and develop some habits, in addition to the fair, to build confidence. Hear: Only we can hear the exchange of values, interests, goals and can. This similarity will be the sense of trust. Hear from us can also feel what is needed other people and know how to fulfill. We can find similarity of views, vision and goals so that eventually a sense of trust with each other. Able and Accessed: Consistency of our reaction time to time, and between what we say and do, make people can "hold" what we say. "Sharing" information and activities in the informal togetherness cause other individuals that we feel that an open, "can be read" and can be.

Position aware "Power": The stage in the 'politics', both in the corporate world or political party, everyone comes with different motivations, agendas, and differences in access to decision makers. Pain is often not believed when you see the growth of the individuals who have visible access to the center of power while others do not, for example, only in how to communicate. "Proximity" like this often cause a feeling suspicious, feeling jealous and often not accompanied by efforts to find more about what mode of communication that matches the strength of the center. A great friend in amazement to see how the trust relationships be improved after communication via SMS with its CEO more often. Apparently simple and cheap way is even susceptible to approach the center of power. I realize argue: We saw how much some person on the defensive over the truth with a defensive or even aggressive, sometimes deliberately in front of the public even in the media. Here we believe that and any real person, if he does not express opinions and to prove the truth of how full respect, he will not even get a sense of trust that. Spirituality is the emotional problem, and not always be equated with credibility, which is only rational.

Many Must Not Always Talk:
Many people talk often difficult to fathom and our private motives. There is a choice of ways to convince people that speak more justeru harder than words. Field verification can also usually more effective than formal presentations.
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