Amex Corporate Credit Card Service

Today AMEX Corporate Credit Cards is not just a lifestyle, but it is a requirement for modern society to all activity in their daily. All business and personal needs, from the finance office, travel, entertain clients up to the cost of the birth of the small, daily needs shopping or a vacation with the family watched, can be fulfilled by Low Interest Credit Cards AMEX Corporate Credit Cards because Low Interest Credit Cards

With the wide acceptance around the world, AMEX Corporate Credit Cards give meaning to each transaction. Zero Interest Credit Card AMEX Corporate Credit Cards solution can also provide you with the office more efficient and Balance Transfer No Fee. You become a graduate universities or members of non-profit institutions, can show your identity at the same time contributing to the institutions have with the Credit Card AMEX.

For you who want greater financial flexibility.

Credit Card American Express Gold Telkom to provide greater flexibility to shop but still allows you to get a high financial savings and various other exclusive facilities.

Cost-effective interest rate of up to 50% with a balance transfer

Move your balance from your credit card to another Gold Credit Card American Express, Telkom and enjoy very low interest rates, only 1.65% per month on the balance transferred. Compare that with the current interest rate you pay on other credit cards, balance transfer facility we will save your money up to 50%
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