Stick for the Blind Creative three Palestinian girls

Three of the 14-year-old girl named Aseel Abu Leil, along with her classmates Aseel Sha 'ar and Nour El Arda, develop a cane to help the blind walk. Thanks to these findings, they were invited to follow the event Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, along with six million other participants from around the world. Furthermore, from the 1500 finalists, along with two friends Leil was elected to follow the worlds largest science exhibition which will take place next month in San Jose, California. "We are very proud to go there, and to show our work.

Nour represents her friends revealed that there had previously been blind wand that could touch the object and that can tell if there is a hole in the road. "But there has never been that combines both functions. Rod, which is made from local pine trees, has two infrared sensors that scan from top to bottom and vice versa for detecting changes in the field of road and help users see the obstacles. We meet with obstacles, the staff will give warning by removing the noise. "We all want to do something important," says Leil who aspire to be a gynecologist. While Nour and Sha'ar want to be respected because the achievements in the field of technology and science. We as women also have brains. as smart with that of others. We've shown that we can, too.
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