Mafia Wars Facebook game trigger anger Loving Animals

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is an animal rights organization from the United States. With approximately two million members and supporters from various circles, this organization is one of the non-profit organization's biggest animal lover. Recently, the organization launched a strong protest against one of them are quite popular online games played on the Mob Wars Facebook. What article?

PETA angry because in the game there are scenes depicting the dogs were fighting. PETA states do not care whether the Mafia Wars also features murder and robbery. However, describing the dog and other animals as weapons will encourage people to torture animals in real life. "Are you willing to consider returning to not use a pit bull or other animal as a tool in fighting in Mafia Wars?," Called PETA in their letter to Mark Pincus, chief developer of Mafia Wars Zynga.

This is not the first time highlights the PETA animal rights issues in the game. Previously, they had protested against the game developer Cooking Mama, Take-Two, World of Warcraft, and Sega.
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