Java Destination Potential Tourism and Places To Your Visit

Continue writing about tourism in the island of Java, especially a middle java in to promote tourist attractions in the headlines Indonesia Java International Destination. Yogyakarta or Jogja city has many tourist attractions both natural, and his Javanese culture is unique and special, as well as historical tours where the city has many relics of temples both Hindu and Buddhist. Here are some interesting places that you may be able to visit:

Keraton: Currently jogja palace was the residence of Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X as well as the governor of the King, this is what makes Yogyakarta special region is called. Royal palace itself is a large complex, including the baths Taman Sari.

Kaliurang: Located in Sleman regency, exactly on the border with Central Java province, Kaliurang is a place located at the foot of Mount Merapi cool tube, so here get a lot of villas, inns and guest house. Place most often visited by tourists both domestic and abroad are Tlaga Princess. The air here is cool and clean, far from big city pollution, beautiful backgrounds Mount Merapi is one of the volcano was active in the World.

Malioboro: Who does not know Malioboro street, this place is one of the city of Yogyakarta tourism icon. The characteristics of this road is the street vendors hawking their souvenirs and rows of vendors at night.

There are many other places that could be visited again as Borobudur, Prambanan, Parangtritis etc., may be major tourist attractions in the whole Indonesia Java International Destination is truly a well-known and in use as the most exciting tourism for all people.
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