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In the holiday season of course you and your family had planned to vacation together. One of the activities that can be done is to travel out of town for vacation time long enough at the end of this year. Some tourist in Java could be your family holiday destination. Indonesia's natural beauty and charm will make your vacation memorable, even if no one is currently being conducted campaigns Indonesia Java International Destination to promote the level of international tourism locations in the island of Java

In East Java and Central Java, there are many exotic attractions and fascinating on the island of Java. You can visit many places of interest. From the exotic nature mountian to the beautiful beaches make a lot of tourists spellbound. There are so many sites of natural attractions in East Java and Central Java.

Some of the interesting tourist attraction in East Java include the National Park tourism Bromo - Semeru is located in East Java. In East Java there are several natural attractions such as the Pacet, Tretes, Batu Malang. On the border with East Java Central Java tourist attraction is the stunning Lake Sarangan.

In Central Java also has many fascinating attractions. As in Karanganyar, Central Java, there are natural attractions Grojogan Sewu. There was also Parangtritis Beach, Grand Canyon and Indonesia in Cilacap Ambarawa Railway Museum which offers nature tour packages as well.
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