This Ten Facts about Acne

Acne is one that can be a bitch for the teens, because not a few of the teens who are shy when acne begins to grow and acne effects nearly 90% of the teenage population, so you're not alone. Also usually not what you have done, eaten or the way you wash. So you do not need to feel guilty. So, let's look at some facts:

-Junk food causes acne. Wrong! Pizza, chocolate, coke or other junk food never proved this cause. That does not mean to say you have to do all this junk food. Sensible diet good for everyone, and help you feel better.

-Acne is caused by dirt. Wrong! Actually, more than washing your face twice a day or rub your face, with a gauze or flannel will make it worse. The need for acne treatments for mild soft soap and rinse thoroughly.

-Sweat will cleanse my pores. Wrong! The mixture of sweat and body oils can aggravate the situation for some acne sufferers. Bath immediately after any sport and wore baggy clothes.

-Women's Make-up can cause acne. Wrong! There is no scientific evidence has been found to verify this. Most current products crazy to stop clogging the pores. So this is not a problem. Do not wear make-up even when you exercise as this may interfere with the problem.

-Stress causes acne. Wrong! To form. Stress can trigger several hormones, which can exacerbate the situation. But it was not the cause.

-You Can not Cure Acne. But you can cure! There are many good acne treatments on the market. See your doctor.

-Sun can help. Wrong! At the time may exacerbate the situation in time. A tan may effect your skin look better, but it certainly will do no good.

-Spot Acne Treatment Works. Wrong! The entire face must be treated. Most of the issues that formed under the skin. So, take care of the top places will not do anything.

-You'll Outgrow It. Wrong! Acne treatment. Do not wait for the doctor as soon as possible.

-It's Only Cosmetic. Well Yes. This is not serious. But you can effect, self-esteem, and your confidence. So, it treated and be free of acne.

Just a few words of advice,-Do not take or squeezed, Keep your hands off your face, Find something and stick with it, Do not over wash, Do not use harsh scrubs or flannel.
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