Made OS Nokia, Will Wear Used For LG

Before the event Mobile World Congress 2010, Alcatel announced that it has done a more extensive cooperation with Intel in developing the latest operating system, namely MeeGo. However, although Nokia is a leader of mobile phone operating system project based on open source, it appeared that the first phone using the OS MeeGo not from Nokia, but from other vendors, rather LG.

Reporting via Engadget, via serial GW990 LG will become the first mobile phone that will be immersed with the OS which is a combination of Maemo and Moblin. GW990 apparition itself has existed since the beginning of CES last January, most likely at the GW990 will be marketed later this year. As predicted, the movement of the mobile market currently leads the smart phone that will be made by the vendor as a primary sales tool to offer to consumers. Moreover, customers want a phone with a computer's abilities. Nokia itself does not explain more fully what it MeeGo platform. Previously, the Finnish vendor has never opened her heart to another OS, but Symbian. Nokia has invested in N900 Maemo OS. The results were very encouraging remarks.
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