Meebo Ready Used in iPhone

Along with the growth of smart phone users, Meebo started thinking about expanding the outreach to these devices. The reason, smart phones more accessible than a public computer with the browser Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer 6. Meanwhile, Meebo is not a service that works on the iPhone's browser or any other type of smart phone. That is why later Meebo creating applications for the iPhone.

First introduced in March 2009 and released this week, Meebo for the iPhone functions as a multi-IM application client for free. Important features contained in this application is the ability to search for past chats separately or someone who was invited before the application iPhone and

In addition, Meebo applications supporting the push notification. Unlike other popular IM applications, users can easily switch between chat session on the application on the iPhone and computer users They also can set the status message for an individual account to help separate the legitimate business interests with the personal lives of its users, and manage IM friends like that can be done in other IM applications. To be able to operate on the iPhone, Meebo requires at least OS (operating sytems) iPhone 3.0. Meebo supports AIM, Yahoo, Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk, Facebook, MySpace 100 other networks.
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