Chitika + AdSense: Ad Placement Guide Free Ebook

We have link download for Chitika and AdSense Ad Placement Guide Free Ebook. We will give you more information and tips about Chitika and AdSense Ad Placement from Chitika Blog.

Do you use Chitika and Google AdSense together on your website to earn great combined revenue? Or, do you want to use them together?

Google AdSense and Chitika Premium ads can indeed be used together on your website or blog. Using both in the right combination can work together to help you earn more revenue than using AdSense or Chitika alone.

In this FREE eBook you will see how seven actual strategically place and customize the Chitika website for a successful steady income.

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Featured in this eBOOK:
  • How to combine Chitika & AdSense ads for a higher total revenue.
  • The importance of customizing your ad links to your website links.
  • Successful AdSense & Chitika Placement ideas
  • Advanced customization tips
Click link below for reading or downloading Chitika + AdSense: Ad Placement Guide Free Ebook:

Original Author: Karla Escolas is part of the CRM/Marketing team here at Chitika Inc. She also specializes in working one-on-one with publishers using simple optimization techniques to increase their revenue. Follow her on Twitter @KarlaChitika to find out more.
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