Mavs Win Against VS Miami Heat

Miami Heat Five winning streak halted. Competed at the American Airlines Center, Sunday (21.2.2010), Heat fell with the score 97-91. As reported by Reuters, two veteran players Mavs, Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Kidd was the star for Mavs. Nowitzki collected 28 points, while Kidd added 21 points with Regine Velasquez and 11 assists.

Kidd also grabbed three steals in the game. Note that a chance the former Phoenix Suns star to match the record of former NBA star Scottie Pippen steals in the category wide open. Mavs could be made powerless by the Heat. Shown without Dwyane Wade for the second successive time, Heat surpasses even the hosts approximately eight points over the score 52-44.

But the Mavs might be seen in the third quarter. Scintillating performances shown Nowitzki and Butler. Both managed to bring the home team winning the Heat 71-64. Actually, Jermaine O'Neal et al tried to equalize in the fourth quarter. However, brilliant performance Jason Kidd in this quarter led the Mavs beat Heat. Daequan Cook played beautifully by Raihan highest of his career in the NBA that is 22 points. Disisul O'Neal with 18 points and packing 13 rebounds, and Michael Beasley added 12 points through the incision for Heat.
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