Boston Celtics Win Again

Boston Celtics continued glory in the two last fight. Come to the headquarters Portland Trail Blazers, they managed to steal a landslide victory 76-96. Ray Allen was the star managed to contribute to the field with the most numbers game. He scored 21 points, 3 rebounds and 5 assists. Blazers center itself was lowered Newer Marcus Camby. Instead, the Celtics nevertheless displays 'the king dunk' Nate Robinson had just come from the New York Knicks because of the flu.

Celtics victory sign was visible from the start. Glenn Rivers team winning score in the two opening quarter. New Blazers managed to rise in the next quarter. Nate McMillan's men successfully steal 23 points and only 17-digit number to the opponent, but unfortunately it is not enough to catch up with them as a whole. In the closing quarter, the game lax host again. What the hell, Jerryd Bayless driving at the final time could only narrow the distance figures to be 76-96 for the NBA champion excellence in 2008.
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