Restrain your credit card spending

We all know how easy it is to plump down a credit card and say, you'll pay it off later.
But a "buy now, worry tomorrow" system is a dangerous way to drive yourself into big debts, making it unreal to save and get forward in life.
So, here are several steps to supervise your credit card spending.

  1. Analyze your spending.
    Keep a quittance for all your purchases and make records in a spending journal. Survey every load and ask yourself, how you will feel about this bargain when the bill arrives.
    Create a bright and rational budget that assures your hard-earned money are spent on what you appraise most.

  2. Cleave your cards.
    Is it hard? Is it not buying these new jeans or living in liabilities for the rest of your short life?
    Put aside a couple with the lowest fees and interest rate for your cash loans. Don't keep store cards - they generally have the highest rates.
    Use the scissors with the rest. Ask the issuing banks to close the accounts.

  3. Set your cards far away.
    Lock up your card with all the significant papers in a safe deposit box or at home.
    Place it in a plastic container full of water and put it in the freezer. You definitely will have time to think if you have to purchase something.
    You can also give it to a close trusted friend of yours.

  4. Construct your savings.
    Don't spend each penny you have at your balance. What if sudden expenses such as doctor's bills or a son's wedding come to the surface? You will the cards out once again.
    It is recommended to make the lesser recompenses on your credit cards before you have a savings account.
    If you give all your available profit away to pay off your debts as fast as possible, you don't have any other option but to use a payday loan.

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