Make the most out of your insurance plan

Most of us hesitate to change something in our lives. We give ourselves excuses and prolong things that could be done today - postponing them as much as we can. Why do we need to wait until the 1 of January to start something new? When it comes to our health we always wait. We wait to start taking care of ourselves. But just think of how much money we could economize if took our health state seriously. Here are three simple advices that will help you save your check and improve your health. 1. Take care of your health situation. If everyone took care of his health doctors would have no work. We do not realize that we risk our own life and cost ourselves big bucks when we don't want to treat ourselves on time. According to some of the most renowned doctors in USA - the following four things could lower your proneness to cancer, heart problems and diabetes. 1) Eat right 2) Stay active 3) Don't smoke 4) See your doctor every now and then 2. Make good use of your pre-tax income.

Lots of employers around USA supply Flexible Spending Accounts or other types of tax-advantaged savings accounts that can be employed to save some money. All you have to do is specify the sum you want payroll to divert into your flexible spending account, which is then is taken from your paycheck before they begin calculating tax withholding amounts. The money from your Flexible Spending Account can be used for different kinds of medical expenses that are not covered by insurance. It is very convenient and doesn't cause too much trouble to organize. Approach your Human Resources Department about Flexible Spending Account. You should know all the details before you apply for it. 3. Read and save every piece of paper you get from your doctor's office, the hospital, and your insurance company We don't like to collect stuff. Sometimes we receive a bill, bring it home and find it in the trash bin a few minutes later. But what if this piece of paper is significant? All the medical bills should be placed in one box and remembered about. Medical bills aren't always correct. We are all humans that make mistakes. Doctors are not insured from a mistake - not literally. They can make a mistake and if you find it you are lucky enough to correct it. If you threw the paper away - it is quite impossible to hold somebody responsible without a proof or evidence. If someone switched digits or missed a letter in the billing code, you (or your insurance company) could be billed for a procedure that costs far more than the one you actually received. If you feel like your medical bill has some sort of mistake - please don't be shy to contact your healthcare provide for further assistance. It is your health and it should not be kidded around with. After all your doctor will owe you an explanation and you will know the truth about what happened. It is also important to read your health insurance statements carefully. If you health insurance company refuses to cover your medical expenses - make sure you are given a reasonable explanation about it. Everybody can make a mistake. Make sure it is not related to your health.

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