Retirement Planning remains prosperous

Not one day want to be miserable, and parents rely on other people. To achieve such conditions, each person must have a mature retirement plan. Once you decide on the money you have, you should also take actions appropriate to create financial freedom. "retirement? Problem is not discussed now. I am still young, only 30 years. I am still working strong. If the later is 50 years, the pension problem talk. "These words have often heard among young people aged under 35 years old. They discuss the allergy, such as a retirement because they still have a lot of time. In fact, retirement planning since a young age is a right step towards a prosperous old age.

Indeed, there is no restriction on the age of the raw materials should someone consider retirement. When the retirement is defined as the period in which someone is not productive and does not focus on himself for the money, then financial planners, suggest, someone should still prepare retirement since productive work. "If someone working at the age of 25 years, since it is he should prepare for retirement,". like this: if someone want to retire at the age of 60 years, while the new age now 25 years old, he still have time to save for 35 years. However, if current age is 40 years old and want to retire 60 years, means prepare to live 20 more years. To be sure, the amount of money that must be each month is greater when you start the new year at age 40 rather than 25 years. On time, according to Elvyn, depending on the objectives and plans of each person. "The more prepared early, the better the results," he said sure. However, if someone want to retire at a young age, it means that he must have a higher speed to accumulate assets to pay for the possibility that life is still long. The normative, continued, pension benefits are young, between them have more time for family, rileks, and can contribute more to other people.

retirement planning at a young age is better. However, there are people who still work in the spirit of the age of 65 years. Therefore, there is no specific standard on how the age of retirement should someone decide. Clearly, each person has the freedom of determining the age of retirement. Retirement plan at age 50 years. Host Culinary Tour event in determined at this age are no longer working in the office and a formal charge of many people. However, expectations former this right to a pension at the age of 50 years to fail. He can put all the new activities in the age of 54 years. After that, the birth of Surabaya, in 1950, this select activities that are long since: hunting, food tasty. In some companies, fixed retirement age 55-65 years. Similarly, government employees (civil servants / civil servants), generally enter the retirement age at 55 years. For the entrepreneur, another story. Many employers who choose to run a business remains active despite age was dusk. Different from civil servants who receive a pension is no more after work, employees in private companies will not necessarily obtain. As is known, which include employees in the pension program. This is where the importance of self-designed retirement program, which is based on your goals and needs in the future.

a good preparation towards the start of the pension plan on what you want done after a period of retirement later. "Do you want to develop a hobby, active in social institutions, teaching or anything that does not focus on the money,". Of course, we hope, in the period of retirement has reached financial freedom, so that it can do the activities that had previously not done because of busy work or other reasons. For that, there are two steps that must be considered when a retirement plan. First, must realize that the retirement should be enjoyed and fun. Second, in the pension plan must make a list of what activities you want to do during retirement. Can be, you want to develop a long pent-up interest because of previous lack of time to spare.

Any options when you retire, you should be now. Clearly, the needs of retirement for each of the different. However, the general cost of living in retirement period not more than 60% during the productive expenditure. From there can be projected expenditure per month is needed to support activities in the usual retirement arrived. Once calculated for 15-20 years with the inflation factor increase 10% -12%, will be a number of figures needed. This number can be a reference for you about how many percent of income at this time should be per month until retirement arrives. However, in the execution there are often obstacles. because it is not realistic in planning activities. Often happens, the selected activities outside ability. In addition, "They do not discipline in the post to eliminate the income pension funds,". If you can not reach the ideal condition of a pension. at least 70% of them can be fulfilled. "This is so that our quality of life does not decrease dramatically. In addition, this also serves to prevent post-power syndrome, "he said. There is also a good idea, someone who has a pension has passive income (passive income). Some activities, such as teaching, speaking at a seminar, or doing business, so that money can bring you additional revenue to increase the amount of savings or cover expenses.
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