Testing Project Management Professional

What term Project Management? Of course not ... ever? Yes .. Project Management or in a language we called Project Management. Project Management also have certificate.. Project Management Professional (PMP) name issued by the Project Management Institute (PMI). To get a certificate that, we need to pay for the cost but if we do not have cost us can learn from the first information we get from the Internet or other sources. Project Management Professional is an international certification awarded by an institution that is a project management Project Management Institute. PMI certification is given to project management practitioners or project managers who meet the requirements.

PMP Training and experience to lead the project, essential to be before you can follow the testing, because at the time the list will have to test eligibility form to be filled. Background or prerequisites rule is to filter the participants testing, so that you can follow the test is the person who actually has experienced in practice and have the academic knowledge in the field of project management.

For those of you who have not become a Project Manager in accordance with the time period and hours of work that has been determined can still with because the notes PMP training you have led the project as a team leader or project supervisor during the required period, provided that you are involved in several stages in the process of online PMP ( Initiating, Planning, executing, Control & Monitor, Closing).
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