how to advertise using the mobile

with the more advanced technology, the more sophisticated the ideas and creativity of the mobile because the mobile facilities appears to have become a good and perform well in a campaign or advertising, you will be confused about how the limited number of characters that can affect people, nah this is a will study how the 160 characters of SMS as a tool which is very useful. Indeed the use of mobile marketing as part of the marketing campaign is not a new thing including in Indonesia. However, there are several things to consider before making a SMS campaign:

Define the goals of marketing campaigns
It's a major marketing campaign is set the goal of this campaign, if only just branding, or raise product awareness, or other matters. Determining the purpose of mobile advertising will influence all other campaign activities, ranging from the content sms, database, etc.

Content of SMS
With only 160 characters are available, we need to maximize creativity, so that messages can be delivered to 160 characters included in it. In addition to the withdrawal of a marketing communication message information, should we determine the core of the message, and recommend a maximum of only 1 message, the more messages you want delivered, will be more confusing readers. Make a list before the information will be presented, such as information campaigns, hunting telephone number, address, etc.

Database recipient sms
You must have a clear database, to whom you want to send marketing communications information, and make sure that the message you send is not SPAM, with the first request permission from the recipient, if they agree to send database marketing information communication.

Response from the marketing campaign
Differences in basic mobile marketing with other marketing campaigns mobile marketing is able to receive a response back directly from the marketing campaign. Information by sending a sms marketing communications from your company, not a direct response you can ask the consumer to send sms back, and this response can be calculated balikan to calculate the response rate is obtained from your marketing campaign. Is certain that the cost of your responsibilities will also be greater if the marketing campaign with the response back.

That is the consideration that some of the materials should be prepared before marketing campaigns through SMS. 160 characters sometimes feel too short, but trust that the results will not be that short
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