Nokia 5800 Xpress Music Touch

The lover of the Nokia musical cellular phone will in the near future enjoy the Nokia cellular phone 5800 of Xpress Music in Indonesia. His article, two weeks came Nokia Indonesia will launch the cellular phone with screen technology touched that. "we did not yet get his product, possibly two weeks more. "we will hold Commercial Launch,"said Indonesian Nokia General Manager, Hasan Aula in the Noble Hotel, Jakarta. However, Handsome still could not ascertain the price that will be offered for the product that was considered as the competitor this iPhone Apple. Moreover, Handsome said Nokia will continue to carry out penetration of the market by continuing to develop the service innovation in accordance with the community's wish.
"we were still staying optimistic in the fourth quarter came, although globally the Nokia market descended in the quarter"he said. Nokia also continued to scrutinise all the segments of the market from low, mid, to high end. This cellular phone will eventually have the measuring screen 32 inch with TFT screen technology 16 million colours. The dimension of his screen reached 640x360 piksel was classified as big for a cellular phone of this kind. Tampilan between the face of the user interface used series 60 5th. Nokia 5800 XpressMusic also has had a supply of cameras with the quality 3 megapiksel along with autofocus technology. The lens that was used then not the lens but Carl's lens product zeiss. Including also GPS has been enclosed in fitur him. The manufacturer of this cellular phone prepared substantial equipment 104 gram this to go in the GSM network, 3G UMTS, and HSDPA. then will be spoilt with facilities of the internet connection nirkabel through Wi Fi. If felt tampilan the screen was not more wide and big, Nokia has facilitated this series with the TV out, so as his screen could
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