Watching the Olympics

In the winter, I watch more television that I do in the summer. There is just not much to do outdoors in the winter unless you like to go ice fishing or snowmobiling. This winter, I watched portions of the Olympics on NBC. My favorite sport that I watched was the women's figure skating. As a child, I enjoyed ice skating but I never watched the Olympics on television. I find that watching the figure skaters compete at the Olympic Games is enjoyable. I really enjoyed seeing the athletes in their costumes and skating to their music. While watching the Olympics on NBC on direct tv, I found myself hoping that all the figure skaters would perform their routines flawlessly. Some of the skaters performed very difficult routines with many jumps and spins. Can you imagine what it must be like, skating in front of all those people for a chance to become a world champion? I think it must be stressful but exciting. The skaters have to practice many hours and days to get their routines perfect and line up the choreography with the music. I enjoyed all of the Olympic sports that I watched, but the women’s figure skating routines were my favorite.

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