Nokia N8 Video Introducing the new Nokia N8

The Nokia N8 is a powerful combination of internet, video, photos, music, maps with Symbian^3 operating system. With a large capacitive touch screen supporting pinch to zoom, social networking integration, a Carl Zeiss 12 megapixel camera with wide-angle lens and Xenon flash, shooting 720p HD video, On Demand WebTV, HDMI connectivity and USB OTG, you can create, discover and share a world of creativity. Additionally, for the software developers, the device includes Qt 4.6.2, Java MIDP 2.1 and Flash Lite 4.0. The Nokia N8 brings also compatibility with popular Internet video formats and desktop Flash. With optimized video streaming and playback support, Nokia N8 provides a fantastic platform for bringing your favorite TV and other video services to a mobile computer. We’re in the midst of finalizing the WebTV developer framework and will release a customizable open source Web TV app template, created and used in a collaboration with dozens of globally acclaimed broadcasters. Bellow For you Watch Introducing the new Nokia N8:
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