Results NBA games

Chicago Bulls Phoenix Suns targeted rations to secure a spot in the round of NBA playoffs. Suns defeated the Bulls with a 115-105 score. Suns victory star was none other than Jason Richardson with a collection of 27 points. Not only that, a three-point shot of Channing Frye during the match live 41.6 seconds left to penegas Phoenix victory. Another player who played a major role in the match was none other than Steve Nash, who scored a double-double. Nash collected 22 points and 10 assists. While Amare Stoudemire collected 21 points where 13 of them were printed in the first quarter.

While at the Bulls, a duet Flip Murray and Derrick Rose both scored 23 points. For the Bulls, this defeat behind them are now 1.5 games behind the Toronto Raptors who occupied the eighth position in the Eastern Conference. In other matches, Oklahoma City Thunder defeated the Philadelphia 76ers 111-93. Kevin Durant became the hero Thunder victory with double-double collecting 26 points and the 10 rebounds. While Nenad Krstic added 14 points, followed by Russell Westbrook with 10 points and 14 assists for the Thunder. In the stronghold 76ers, Elton Brand became the highest miners with 22 points for the team. Jrue Holiday, followed with 11 points.

Results of other NBA games:
Milwaukee Bucks Los Angeles Clippers 107-89
Indiana Pacers Sacramento Kings 102-95
Houston Rockets Washington Wizards 98-94
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