Result Match Manchester City VS Sunderland 1-1

Manchester City could only drew 1-1 with Sunderland in the Premier League continued. Competed at the Stadium of Light, The Citizen Manchester City left behind from the minute 9. Is the host player, K. Jones to make Sunderland a 1-0 lead. That the dreadlocked player score a goal by heading the feedback from Malbranque. Scores were even last until halftime.

Entered the second half, Sunderland would certainly be seen pocketing three points. But City players, A. Johnson, breaking the hope that in time of second-half injury time. Starting from football corner, the ball rebounded Johnson fell to the feet. With a little glance into the target, Johnson finally fired the ball nestled into the corner of the goal.

These results further away from the ranking City Champions League zone. Because the results of draw points only adds to Carlos Tevez and friends to 50. Still lost by two points from Tottenham Hotspur in the fourth position of the standings. Whereas for Sunderland, this result is not enough to take them off the board below. The Black Cats adrift just three positions from the abyss of degradation of this season.
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