WiFi Present at Audi A8 Cars

Likely to be more and more car manufacturers to turn their cars into hot spot areas to walk. After completing the previous Ford car with wireless Internet connectivity system, Audi's turn now to do the same. In collaboration with Qualcomm chip manufacturer, Audi will soon release an Audi A8 equipped with high-speed data networks. Qualcomm Vice President Andrew Gilbert said, the car will give added value to the passengers, with wireless Internet connectivity that allows them to access the web-based services during the trip.

"The Audi A8 will have a feature Mobile Media Interface Plus the in-car navigation system. The system acts as a mobile hotspot that allows passengers to connect their WiFi devices to the hot spot to access the Internet," said Gilbert, as quoted from the Telegraph. Added by Gilbert, satellite navigation systems in cars supported by Google Earth's built in to bring the three-dimensional satellite images with high resolution. The system, when combined with the road map and other online content, can deliver the route planning or route plan that is real time. This system supported by Qualcomm's UMTS technology, which is the latest generation of high-speed data network that allows Internet access devices connect to the Web in high speed. Meanwhile, a spokesman for Audi, without mentioning the price range and certainty of the launch of this product ensures Audi A8 with UMTS technology will soon be hers on the market this year.
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