Tiger Woods Apologize To Public

Professional golf Tiger Woods finally apologized to the public in an open, Friday, 19/2/2010 morning when the United States. Woods apologized for his irresponsible and selfish attitudes that make marriage and career were destroyed simultaneously. In the apology was also published on the official website tigerwoods.com, expressing apology to his wife Elin Nordegren and her son, as well as colleagues and his fans.

"To anyone, especially my friends, my attitude has made a personal disappointment. To those who worked with me, I've made you all devastated personally and professionally. My attitude is also causing concern to my business partners," Woods also admitted if he had an affair and cheating. He also felt deserved to be ignored because of the attitude that he's been doing. "I know my actions wrong, but I admit that it was not fair. I never thought about who I hurt,".

Though difficult to admit it, but Woods told him if he's 45 days of therapy to deal with the problem. "I have a long time for it, but I have taken the first step to return to the right path," he said. Woods noticed a lot of people who question what happened between her and Elin. But Woods was reluctant to explain in detail what happened, because he thinks the problem between her and Elin is a domestic affair between husband and wife. During the therapy, since the exposure of the scandal slept with 14 women, even Tiger Woods personal life to improve relations with his wife and children. "Whatever mistakes I have done, for the sake of my family peace, please, keep my wife and my children,".
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