Safe the Bay Now

Nature is so important to us. Actually, God created earth that rich of natural resources to support the human civilization. This mechanism was working so well until the beginning of the twentieth century, where technology development was rapidly moving. People started to destroy the nature for the sake of their industry and technology. This keeps on continuing until now.

One most important natural aspect in this world is the sea. Beside it is good for tourism; sea is the ultimate source of fish which is one of our foods. Unfortunately sea is often polluted with oil, garbage, and any other dangerous substances that could ruin the sea’s ecosystem. This far plastic and oil spills are the most dangerous pollutant of the sea. These two substances can kill many creatures. Therefore actually we need to clean the sea. It will prevent the extinction of some species and also it can make the world to be a better place.

There are many people that concerns about the sea condition, one of the people is Alexander von Furstenberg and he is an important person from Arrow Capital Management. He donated $150,000 to the Heal the Bay’s Beach Water quality program. This is a program that intensively monitors the coastline water quality in California.
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