Your free airway ticket

Step 1:
SCHEDULE YOUR FLIGHT DURING BUSY SCHOOL VACATION WEEKS. Well, you can try to be sly a bit. Airlines are overbooked during the busy vacation weeks. What happens is that some airlines will offer passengers that have tickets some vouchers to give up their seat in exchange for a guaranteed seat on either the next plane or one shortly after. Knowing this fact and considering it further you can make the situation work out the way you want. What you have to do is refuse on the first voucher offered to you. Wait some more time to see how much the airline is ready to offer you, before you trade your seat. Just think of the money you could get ... If the airline is generous enough, you might walk out with a possibility to afford two tickets to a fantastic country and accommodation to go with it.
Step 2:
OPEN AND CLOSE AIRLINE CREDIT CARDS. Plenty of airlines have the credit card programs that are quite interesting. We will explain why they are. You can earn frequent flyer miles for every dollar charged by the company. Some airlines only offer these cards to people in their frequent flyer program so you may have to join their program first.
You could open these credit cards with different airline companies. The next step would be to use promotional bonus miles just for opening the accounts and then close the accounts before the annual fee kicks in. You could keep certain credit cards a little longer in situations that offer the best bonuses for dollars spent with the card. But the important note here would be to keep in mind to pay off the airline cards to avoid the high interest rates.
Step 3:
BECOME AN INTERNATIONAL AIR COURIER. As you will recommend yourself as a courier that can be trusted and relied on you will star seeing new opportunities coming your way. These opportunities will include free international travels. Such pleasant moments do happen but they are truly unexpected. You might be offered to travel the very next morning or the same evening. If you can prepare yourself for the trip on time, consider yourself to be a lucky person. This may not be the most attractive method for people with family responsibilities but for young people who want to see the world, being able to fly on a moments notice can equal to a free airline ticket.
We gave you this inside scoop on how to get a free ticket for you to know your possibilities. Airline tickets could be given to you absolutely free, but not when you sit home doing nothing. Cheap airline tickets are easy to find too. So pay or get them free it is totally up to you. The world is full of chances to travel without making a bib financial effort. Use them wisely.
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