Restylane Injections

Do you know about how to inject restylane? Restylane injections are natural cosmetic dermal fillers which restores fullness to the skin. It contains synthetic hyaluronic acid avoiding the chances of allergies as hyaluronic acid is a natural chemical present in the body. Thus, restylane injections don’t need a skin test prior to the treatment. It is one of the most approved facial treatments for the youthfulness of the facial skin. It is mainly used for facial wrinkles,folds especially the nasolabial folds. The restylane gel is injected in the effected areas in order to give fullness and make smoother contours.Anesthesia is not required as the pain that occurs is minimal. To incur the minimal pain also, some cream with numbing agent is applied at the area of the treatment.

The restylane injection is so biocompatible that people going for this usually don’t have have to wait post-treatment to get back to their normal regime. People go back to work immediately after taking the injection. The most one can face after intaking the injection is redness, skin irritation and bruising which would eventually go away within 2 days. The effects of this injection last somewhere between 6 to 12 months.

With its toll on the brighter side with no allergic reaction and biocompatible, restylane also has its toll on the adverse sides. It may happen that the patient may feel irritation onto the areas of treatment after few days. Persistent swelling or bruising of the area may also happen.There can also be a case of under or over construction which may further lead to unevenness of the areas of treatments. Moreover clumps may also be formed by the filler. So attention is to be paid while filling the skin areas. Although the side effects occur very rarely and most of the above stated effects are from patients’ dissatisfaction point of view.

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