Know your enemies on the road

Life can seem totally unfair sometimes. Imagine a situation where you became a victim of a car-related insurance fraud ... you are down, what else can possibly happen to you? Well, my dear, you pay. It is not only high premiums that you will have to pay, but also with your life, putting yourself and your family in danger. It is important to know how to deal with cases like this because we never know who might become the next insurance fraud casualty. It all began back when the first car protection deal took place. Those incidents were recorded back in ancient Greece. Ship scuttling was an insurance scam in ancient Greece where ships were purposely sunk. Then fraud found its way and got to England and then to USA. When the world saw the first vehicle, the insurance fraud was taken to a whole new level. Nowadays car fraud have become hard to detect but don't let yourself find this excuse and live with it. You can avoid being the next fraud victim. To be able to avoid the scam you have to know how to detect it.

There are many types of those. Sometimes, right when you thought it was a good deal with your car, it turns out you had been fooled. At times you feel like you can trust people when you really can't. Most of the time people fall into these traps under some sort of influence. Usually most of us do trust doctors or lawyers. It happens not to be all so innocent. Let us take a look at the list of mostly used scams: Staged Rear-End Car Accidents: A prank driver will quickly get in front of an innocent car and then slam on their brakes. This causes the innocent driver to rear-end the scam driver. Along with collecting money for automobile damages, the prank driver will often fabricate medical injuries to collect even more money from his victim. Adding Damage: After an accident the prank driver will cause his car even more damage and claim that the damages were caused by the innocent driver during the accident in order to collect more money Fake Helpers: When it comes time to file the claim, the prank driver will deny getting anyone involved. They will offer keeping it quiet in order to solve the situation. Don't forget the prank driver has others on his team. Those people will help him get more money from you - car reparation crew, doctors, lawyers and others. In the world of today these scams could be waiting for us anywhere so it is important to be prepared. Awareness is what's most important. Watch the other drivers on the road and make sure nobody is following you or trying to take a notice of your habits n the road. If the accident does happen please note all the details and keep the handy cam in the car with you in case you need to film or take pictures of the damages. It is wise to be protected. Auto insurance can guarantee you some sort of help, and sometimes the acknowledgment of that is what helps people stay confident, but please remember that no auto insurance can save you from sly people that are looking for to a victim with a big wallet.
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