Encryption Data

Do you have a sense of the data that is confidential? and you want the data do not wish to see in other people unless you own? if you want, such as Data Encryption so that you are awake all the secret. Of the many ways to secure data is one way encryption of data. The is that the data out of the computer without any permission we can not be used on another computer. This is quite effective for maintaining the confidentiality of important data because the data is not useful for data is still encrypted. Data encryption is a method that is used for a data so that security and information security can not be read without the decryption (the inverse of encryption) first.
If you have File Encryption then there are some benefits you get are:
- Confidentiality of information guarantee
- Provide authentication and integrity protection algorithms
- Tackling tapping phone and email
- For a digital signature. Digital signature is a line to add a statement on the electronic copy and encrypt with the key statement is that we have and the only party that has a decryption key that can open it.
- For the digital cash

Just like other advanced technology, encryption can be used to secure the data for the company, the military, government, individuals for the purpose of good, however the encryption data can also be used to hide information for criminals. And you are interested to do Encryption can use your data manually or using Encryption Software.
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