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Lately a lot of innovative designers that only medical post pregnancy belly binding clothes, released its line, medical grade post pregnancy abdominal compression garments. Not only is a revolutionary product in that they are the only band to convey the stomach medical grade compression, utilizing patented and soft tissue, or quickly to help the new mother's mental return to form in the first but after the compression garment abdominal compression also offers as, hips, thighs and buttocks.

Choosing the appropriate compression garments be the most Important task to start a discussion about the clothes at the beginning of treatment. This often takes time for you to adjust to the fact that they will require clothing. Important factors to consider when choosing compression garments are: coverage, compression class, form, custom-made versus ready-made clothes, materials, construction, suspension, skin, sensitivity, donning, and cost and source of payment.

When considering coverage, prevent edema distally or proximally to the garment is important. Decongestive stage during the treatment, must be learned if, for example, a bandage to the knee has been increasing the volume of knee or thigh. In this case, you will need to wear thigh or possibly to the waist. Usually an arm sleeve be accompanied by separate gloves or gloves to prevent the liquid in the trap. Some individuals have experienced significant on the hands. If the therapists re-bandaging the hands during treatment and you do not have additional edema, this guide decisions about whether to order a challenge, which only covers the back of the hand, or that familiar with the full control to all edema of the finger can even find them to do without a hand garment , so that at least is always challenging because it is very difficult to predict exactly how each of you will respond.
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