Yahoo! 4 Launch newest Web Applications

Yahoo back to the quality of service to users with the new application on the homepage, Yahoo Mail, TV widget, and Zimbra. "We spend a lot of time thinking about ways to help site users to do many things at once," said tapan Bhat, Yahoo's Senior Vice President. The addition of this new application, the initiative is part of Yahoo to make its services more rich. As announced in December last year, Yahoo has opened the way for outside developers and integrated with the features in the social networking site. For example, an application Food and Wine by developer Snooth. This application provides a menu of food and recipes, product reviews and wine. There is also another application called Green Lifestyle Mokugift's which provides tips to help visitors become more aware of the environment.

In addition, there are applications that help users to manage the financial, budget and design tips to give money. Yahoo also add applications from the WordPress blogging site, so users can post or update their blog without having to leave Yahoo's page first. Yahoo Mail also now appear more revolutionary, users can access PayPal, Picnik photo editing, storage and Zumo Web directly from the inbox. They can ask to send or receive some money through PayPal. User can also edit and share photos with Picnik and email storage capacity will be larger with a capacity of 100MB of free Zumo.

For the widget that allows to view video or television, Yahoo has added YouTube channel to broadcast and some cable tv. Both provide the same access to video from their site. The latter is the most interesting Yahoo also add content to Zimbra, the open source email and collaboration software with the Yahoo results. With this application users can automatically save the email in the form of a document, mark important messages and view the report go to the only one click.
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