Regional Tourism In Sumbawa

Moyo Island
visit lombok 2012In the north of Sumbawa is located at the mouth of bays and with a + 30 Ha. Moyo Island tourism have land and sea. Tropical forest habitat is an island of Moyo flock deer, wild cattle, wild pigs and birds char (Anas), which is protected, there are also waterfalls terraced right eye. Tourism provides a charming panoramic view down to the beautiful sea diving activities (Skuba Snorkling and diving), even from the island of Moyo pier can be seen thousands of small fish. Lady Diana's kingdom of England and Prince William from the kingdom of the Netherlands came to the holiday island of Moyo.

Ai Manis Beach
visit lombok 2012Located on the mainland island of Moyo, and the white sandy bottom of the sea with coral reefs and fish tropikal his captivating and tropical forests that have made around Ai Manis is suitable for camping activities, Tennis Courts, and so forth. Ai's sweet to see the sun sinking (Sunset). roads in tropical forests around Ai Manis found naturally flora and fauna such as deer, wild cattle, forest Pigs, koakkao birds, cockatoo birds and the burnt. Not far from the Ai Manis cave bats. Ai Manis can be more or less 30 minutes by speed boat from Bari Ai Moyo Hilir district.

This is the area of tourism in the Sumbawa and if you want to see the place of tourism in the NTB see here please visit lombok-sumbawa 2012
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