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Pearls are one of the natural wealth that has a high value and high quality as well, fame and pearls is a popular sign of the quality of pearls. We know that the pearls grow in lakes, rivers and salt water pearls. Choosing pearls that are the best quality which is determined by luster, nacre thickness and quality, color, surface perfection, shape and size. The biggest factor is the quality of the pearl nacre thickness and quality which determines how long the pearl will be the last. When you come to buy or just to see the pearls, both fresh water pearls, akoya pearls, Tahitian pearls, South Sea pearls, hanadama pearls , surely the first time you will see first how the luster of a pearl and this is the main one of the key factors dominate.

Pearl necklace which is very famous beauty and brilliance of white color. Pearls natural colors and lustrous appeal bring charm and elegance to the necklines. Women love wearing pearl necklaces. The beauty of the pearl necklace is unique in their own way and if diamonds are forever, pearls are time less fashion statement. High quality pearl necklace from akoya pearls really bring grace and elegance to the user. Pearl necklace designed with selective matching colors and size of pearls is an art designer. About 40-50 pearl beads are hand knotted carefully and together to create a string beautiful of pearl necklace.

White pearl necklace, very traditional and classic pearl necklace but is now available in various sizes and colors also. Pearls fresh water pearl necklace designed in a very good quality and very affordable now. Pearl necklaces come in various types of pearls also such as Akoya pearls, Akoya pearl necklace is usually more expensive than freshwater pearls, and their cousin is always at the level for high luster and nearly perfect round shape.
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