Acer Aspire One Netbook

News about the new laptop computer that did not stop at any time because the technology continues to develop in accordance with market conditions and consumer demand, the latest news coming from Acer. Because of this new option to add some acer aspire one netbook with the other new. so that this increase of the number of options netbooks that have been circulating in the market.

Acer launched the Acer Aspire One keyboard that start in luxury and good, the screen is good and of course the price to compete with the Aspire One making products that become an Acer laptop that powerful. Design with a slim and elegant and the Pearl White color on the Aspire one netbooks looks very elegant and so also with the colors of the other. Acer Aspire One is very thin and lightweight With size 24.9 x 17 x 2.8 cm and weight of only 1 kg, so very perfect to put into the bag Handbag.

Performance on the acer aspire one netbook is equipped with 1.6-GHz Intel Atom processor and 512 RAM. Acer Aspire Ones performance in the not unimportant. However, because the RAM 512 has, the program can be run quickly without feeling the constraints and means to run smoothly. acer aspire one netbook with an elegant look, along with Intel Atom processor it can also provide comfort when lonely Web surfing and light multimedia use, and meet with the Keyboard of the overall size of this laptop is a bit more to have a small but responsive power. Aspire One is equipped with a VGA port, USB port, Ethernet, headphone, and microphone. Also includes card reader to transfer photos, music, and other files and additional SD Card slot, so that we can increase the capacity of the Storage to be more. and besides peforma the Aspire one is also relatively cheap price when with price comparison in the other, so make Acer Aspire One is eligible for consideration. if you have additional?
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