hormone therapy the solution adverasry for menopause

Most women have a distinctive feeling of entering the menopause. There was a nervous, fearful, less confident to dizziness complaint, a lot of sweat, chest thump. if you experience will certainly know how the symptoms caused by menopause, and as a result of menopause trigger problems for women. Everyone has the different ways in the face menopause as hormone therapy can make a way out, but in some women menopause can cause worry and that some others see as a normal course. However, it does not mean that women should be no concern with the menopause. Because of their concern themselves with health and healthy life than in the age of dusk, of course, must do their own initiative as well as treatment medically as hormone replacement for menopause is.

postmenopause women should always maintain physical health and mind health.For the physical can be done with the consumption of nutritious food is high protein content, reduced fat, vegetables and reproduce. Plus the diligent exercise regularly. While the mind, go back to the teachings of each religion. Because depression, feeling anxious, or whatever caused due to an imbalance in the second case.

Meanwhile, to overcome the symptoms and effects incurred during menopause can be done several ways, such as the progestogen, sedation, and evening primrose oil. However, how better to do if the medical treatment through hormone replacement therapy because this is seen more effectively. And this therapy can also prevent symptoms of hot flushes, night sweat and others, It also can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, prevent the occurrence of disease kardiovaskuler, and ultimately reduce mortality in women postmenopause. So what are you waiting for, start it from now when you make your treatment experience menopause.
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