PX90 for Freshman Fifteen

Is it true that all the freshman students? Well, not all people like ituk, but many students find themselves placed the fat. Why? Well, you come out of the house and completely in control of food Feed you to the first time. You may eat in the refectory. There are many opportunities for fun, like eating pizza in the middle of the night, and a lot of stress at the time the test or anything else. freshman fifteen sure what happened? Of course not. Here are some simple tips to help you get control of freshman year.

* Walk, walk, walk. You may not have a long time for exercise, but if you are in the university campus, you have many opportunities to walk from class to class. To burn some extra calories, make the running. If the school offers shuttle service between the classes, do not take it unless you're in a big hurry. If you have a car, do not use if your destination is in walking distance. Transportation to the campus more quickly and more exercise, get a bike or skateboard.
* Limit late night pigouts. Calories consumed at night because they do not get many opportunities to use as calories consumed in the afternoon. So regular consumption of pizza at 3:00 is not a good idea.
* Delivery of beer. There are reasons why it is called beer belly. Light beer is about 100 calories each, and beer always fall on the range of 125-225 calories. This can add up quickly. Think of it this way: a beer is as many calories as the Frappuccino. If you drink ten Frappuccinos every Saturday night, you will get too heavy.
However, if you want another then you can do as was done by the students began to notice that the new program for fitness and the program is designed to help not only lose the freshman fifteen, but also to promote a more terhadapa view, this program is known as PX90 or X90P as a training program.
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