How to build self-discipline

How to build self-discipline to do the same analogi lift the burden to build muscle. This means that the burden to approach the capacity limit / power. Pay attention when you lift the burden, you are able to lift the load you lift. You force your musculature is not strong until you again, and then rest. Almost the same, the basic method to build self-discipline is a challenge that you are able to finish, but you need to finish digging and exert all your energy / strength. This is not to try to do something and failed to do so every day. This also means that you should not do things that you can easily do. You will not get power to the lift the burden that is not able to lift you and you also will not gain strength with the load that is too light. You must start with the load / challenges that you can lift / Go, but to do so, you should make every effort to approach the limit of your strength.

Progressive exercise means once you succeed, you increase the level of challenge at the higher. If you keep up with the heavy burden of the same every time, you will not grow strong. Similarly, if you failed to challenge yourself in life, you will not be able to discipline themselves. It is a mistake to force yourself too hard when you build your self-discipline. If you try to change your life in the night with a dozen goals set for yourself and hope the next day you can start doing something to achieve goals that are consistent, you will almost certainly fail. This is the same as people who go to the fitness for the first time and trying to lift the burden of three hundred kilograms. You will only look foolish.

If you are only able to lift the load of ten kilograms, you can only lift the burden of ten kilograms. Not something shameful, if you start from what you can do. With practice, you will become strong. Similarly, if now you are not disciplined, you can still use a little discipline you have to be trained so that you can become more disciplined. The more disciplined you are, your life to be easier. Challenges that at first appear impossible for you to be, eventually will look like toys. When you are strong, the same heavy burden will be felt, the more light.

Do not compare yourself with others. That will not help. If you think that you are weak, others will appear more strongly. Conversely, if you think that you are strong, people will look weak. It is no use doing so. Look at your own ability and that you will be the stronger when you train yourself.
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