Celebrity Couples compact in the 2009 Academy Awards

the Academy Awards the film was held back. Many celebrities who paired with a compact look at their red carpet. This is some of them. Couples melodist Seal and supermodel Hidi Klum is one of several pairs of compact visible. Heidi again wearing a red dress like the previous years. Shoulder of the gown is the selected model Heidi this time. Clutch bag and high heels with the same color accompany appearance.

As if you want to skim the middle of divorce gossip circulating santer, fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker coupled her husband actor Matthew Broderick intimate with. About appearance, not asked. Sarah appear unusual tube dress with white on the lower volume.

Talking about togetherness, couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are not invincible. In the case of children up to the top, both are incredible match. Even though many of Jolie's rate with the black dress appears indifferent, but the beauty is the mother of 6 children can not be hidden. Seemingly do not want to lose with former husband Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston also appears with the intimate lovers, musician John Mayer. Stars' Marley And Me 'that dress looks fresh with the nuances of gold used. Interesting, try to note the model used jas John Mayer and Brad Pitt. Either because of coincidence or what, both are jacketed with a nearly identical model. Maybe Jen is looking for the man who has a taste almost the same with Brad Pitt.
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Celebrity Couples compact in the 2009 Academy Awards - Blognya Noval Mbojo - Imnoval.com