Cash Loans

Qualification required for cash advance e-loans is very simple and easier than qualifying for conventional credit. An individual's job and paycheck acts as the collateral. Apart from these, one has to have a permanent job with regular income and earning at least $1000 in US. Age should be minimum 18 years and a US citizen, should have a checking or savings bank account where the salary is deposited via direct debit and not an active military personnel. Credit check is not a pre-requisite for this loan. Hence, people with bad credit history can also apply for this loan.

There are numerous lenders offering this loan and the maximum loan that can be availed is $1500. The fees and other charges payable vary from lender to lender, but minimum it is $100. The repayment tenure also varies; the minimum being 14 days and maximum 30 days. The borrower can apply online; hence there is no need to fax any documents. Online and telephonic verification will be done which enables the approval and disbursal of the loan very fast.

Cash advance E loans was a financial product for a long time, but it gained popularity with internet coming of age .Although there are two types of these loans, secured and unsecured, the unsecured loan is much more popular than the other type as it does not require collateral.
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